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Army Researchers Envision Cross-Reality Future

"ADELPHI, Md. -- Army researchers laid out a plan that uses cross-reality technology to establish a common operating picture for Soldiers. The system uses cross-reality, a form of mixed reality that interacts with the physical world, to ensure access to the right information at any time."

Stormfish Scientific is proud to contribute towards bringing advanced Cross-Reality (XR) technologies to support US and Coalition Warfighters.


The world around you is transforming.
Are you ready?

Applications and information are entering the Cross-Reality (XR) Information Space that surrounds you. XR Technologies will redefine how we live, work, and play.

Developing software and applications that leverage XR effectively is a complex and challenging endeavor. At Stormfish Scientific we build secure, distributed architectures to empower advanced applications for this new paradigm.