The world around you is transforming.
Are you ready?

Applications and information are entering the Cross-Reality (XR) Information Space that surrounds you. XR Technologies will redefine how we live, work, and play.

Developing software and applications that leverage XR effectively is a complex and challenging endeavor. At Stormfish Scientific we build secure, distributed architectures to empower advanced applications for this new paradigm.

Achieve accelerated decision making with increased accuracy and confidence with Cross-Reality.

AuroraXR® and Elastic Stack
Build Immersive, Information-Rich Environments

Stormfish Scientific works with Army and Dept of Defense scientists and engineers, academia, and commercial partners to better understand if and when Cross-Reality (XR) technologies provide improvements or detriments to accuracy, timeliness, and/or confidence in mission-critical decision making.

The Elastic Stack is a critical element in our research to better understand how human cognitive and perceptual processes work in immersive environments that are densely populated with complex information. The ability to rapidly ingest vast amounts heterogeneous data and then incorporate them into cross-reality user experiences has helped us to better understand how we perceive and understand our environments, whether these are physical, virtual, or an augmented combination of these modalities.

Accelerate User Reasoning: Operations, Research, and Analysis for Cross Reality (AuroraXR®)

A Framework for building secure, information-rich, multi-user XR experiences to accelerate mission-critical decision making.

Read the CCDC-ARL Tech Report on AURORA


AuroraXR® Net
Secure, High-Performance Networking for Cross-Reality Systems

A secure transport layer for interconnecting XR experiences and services. AuroraXR® Net is designed to operate on both high-performance and constrained, tactical networks.

AuroraXR® Unity3D API
Create Beautiful XR Experiences with Unity3D

Harness the power and flexibility of Unity3D™ to build AuroraXR®-enabled applications and systems. Leverage your favorite Unity Asset Store capabilities to build beautiful and engaging experiences that are compatible with most AR, VR, and MR headsets.

AuroraXR® Python API
Integrate Machine Learning, HPC Resources, and Python Services

Integrate Python-based capabilities such as AI/ML and High-Performance Computing (HPC) to empower your Cross-Reality experiences with advanced capabilities.

AuroraXR® C# .NET API
Develop XR Services with .NET

Build XR services that leverage your existing .NET capabilities.

AuroraXR® Application Proxy
Enabled Rapid Integration of Legacy Data Services

The AuroraXR® Application Proxy makes it easy to populate your AuroraXR® experiences with data from your existing systems.